Business Hours:
Monday - Friday (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
Saturday (8 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
~ Closed on Sundays ~
138 N. Main St., Fredericktown, OH 43019  ~  740-694-3111
Our efforts to keep our Staff and Customers
safe in the face of COVID-19
Love Thy Neighbor Spacing

We have provided 6 foot markers to give
you a visual for the spacing we are to be
maintaining while in public spaces.

These little reminders are in place to help
Love our Neighbors and encourage all
of us to look out for one another.
Extra Cleaning Precautions

While we are used to dealing with all of the standard cleaning
procedures mandated by our local health department on a daily
basis, we want you to know some of the extra standards we have

  • Sanitizing of all handles, door knobs, and counters done
    multiple times a day.
  • Shopping baskets - are being treated as a dinner plate!
    Each time it is used it is sent to go through the proper
    washing and sanitizing just as if you ate a meal on it.
  • Employee Temperatures - we are taking the
    temperatures of all employees and delivery volunteers
    before they are allowed to work.
Carry Out, Curbside and Delivery

Since we cannot offer dine-in meals we want you to know we are offering
  • Carry Out - you can call ahead and order ANYTHING in the store! Not just
    sandwiches & Salads.
  • Curbside - We would be happy to bring your groceries out to your car.
  • Delivery - FREE!!! We have been inundated with calls of your fellow Freddies
    wanting to help!!   We have a very large list of volunteers that are ready to
    assist us in delivering groceries and food to our customers.   
          Process for Curbside and Delivery:
                    1. Call in your order.
                    2. Our Staff will gather your order and get a total.
                    3. Our Staff will call you back to take your credit/debit card
                       payment over the phone.
                    4. Your order would then be ready for Curbside Pick-Up or    
See our delivery procedures below.
Our staff and volunteers will follow the following protocol when
delivering your order.
  •  Your order will be placed in its own plastic container to
    be transported to your location.
  • Your delivery person will call you when they arrive.
  • They will set the container down in front of the door you
    designate, take the lid off and step back 6 feet while you
    remove your order from the container.
  • They will return the delivery container to the store and it
    will be properly washed and sanitized before being sent
    out again.    
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to Coronavirus
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we are making changes to
meet the needs or our